Monday, January 1, 2018

Endearing Couple

Contributor: Steven Jacobson

- -
the morning glory blossoms
as the storm gathers in intensity
while the love affair ignites
between the endearing couple.

the gale evolves,
as lovers radiate
a heart of harboring romance,
while intoxicating the soul.

the song of living in the moment
transpires the storm unleashes
a torrential downpour,
love soaring ever lasting.

the passion between two lovers
grows and culminates
in a beautiful rainbow,
even as the storm subsides.

the winds languish
in the aftermath of joy
and contentment between
Spirits melding as one.

- - -
In this book-length publication, poet Steven Jacobson strives to illuminate the glory of God the creator by examining and rejoicing the many wonders of nature, including our physical surroundings—the sky, the earth, a river—as well as the delight of children and other aspects of being human. His compositions feature both language and concepts that are at once accessible to all and inspirational. Ninety free verse poems dealing with Nature with a spiritual temperament and essence of the subject will be forth coming in this book Spiritual Realm.

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