I Will Carry You

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Contributor: E.S. Wynn

- -
I don't want to worry about you
but I know I will
I don't want to see you suffer
but should you
let me be the one who soothes you
who kisses the tears from your eyes
who breathes you
back to shining life
let me be the one who holds you
who walks beside you
who helps you
who makes the burdens you bear
a little lighter,
just a little lighter, my dear.

- - -
E.S. Wynn is the author of over sixty books in print and is the chief editor of Thunderune Publishing. This poem is one of many featured in the book titled "What Will Be"


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Contributor: Nate Maye

- -
They put me at the wheel,
big mistake, and let me guide
them to the shore, but we
never made it that far, my
hands spinning, the wind
invisible and unpredictable,
going in endless circles on
the water, dizzying, maddening,
and worst of all shameful.

- - -
Nate Maye is new to poetry. He studies literature, watches more television than he should, and is from Texas.

Four Seasons of California

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Contributor: Tristin A. Taylor

- -
It's now back to school
Feel the Indian Summer
The heat feels so good

It's raining out here
It is so cold and dreary
Rain please go away

Spring is beautiful
You see the flowers blooming
I love the crisp air

Hello there summer
Long time no see my dear friend
Cali summer nights

- - -
Tristin A. Taylor is a chocolate lover. She has won in a National Poetry Anthology in April 2015 for her poem "The News." You can find Tristin's work published on Eskimo Pie.

Father, Again, Peering

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Contributor: Donal Mahoney

- -
The final years dear Mother she
was never, well, what actors call “on location.”
Physically, of course, we found her

the parlor reading,
the kitchen ironing,

the basement weeping,
unlike Father whom we never found
though he was always there.

On Sundays when he went to Mass,
he’d stay behind, peering.
Like Queeg, he’d stare

from under or behind
whatever he wasn't
hiding in front of.

- - -
Donal Mahoney lives in St. Louis, Missouri.

Dream Lover

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Contributor: Tamsen Grace

- -
Dream lover,
Dark, warm and strong.
Softly you come
to me,
invading my dreams,
like an elusive melody
that I can't quite capture.
Playing my passion
like a master musician,
Your touch heightening
the crescendo beyond rapture.

Will you release me to the morning light?
Knowing I was never really yours to have.
Yet, forever remain
my fantasy in the night.
My dream lover.

- - -
Tamsen Grace is a published author, inspirational speaker, poet, martial artist and a cancer survivor.

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