Heart Locket

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Contributor: Glenda Grande

- -
A hollow heart, like a golden locket without a memory,
Is worn upon my chest; how can I fill this emptiness?
Words become void and emotions slowly fading away -
If I close my eyes and cry, will you catch my sapphire tears?

Let me tell you a story of how my heart was broken in two,
In two and in two again; scattered on the floor like rose petals.
I once fell in love with a shooting star whose love shone down:
A magnificent thing to behold; beautiful and everything I dreamed.

Bright as the purest truth, I wished to reach out for a touch;
But the night changed to day all too quick, in the season of autumn.
My heart locket fell from my chain and split itself upon a silver rock.
The shining stream of light, no longer visible in the the clarity of day;
The golden moment was lost – for how long, time can only tell.

A hollow heart, locked in a cage in the guise of this locket,
I hold it close to me in fear that it will break yet again. Again.
Tonight, I’ll lay upon these grassy plains and resume to stargaze.
My hand around the locket, I’ll hold it tightly with utmost care;
Close my eyes for a moment, take a deep breath of fresh air
And remember, that you are out there somewhere under this sky.

- - -
Emotions written from the heart, this young woman writes a collection of literature by telling the tales of life with artful words. Her aim is to make people remember that being emotion-filled is only human. You can find more of her literary works on her website www.angellusion.com


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