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Contributor: Miracle Austin

- -
Forgotten ones fill these streets…
They sit inside their caged porches.
Watching drive-by horror scenes…

Little broken girls ride their bikes in aimless circles.
Watch out!
I see an aqua 65’ Chevelle flying from out of nowhere and speeding so fast that fire flames flicker from its tires.

Will the driver stop this time?

Keep on watching…
No rewind buttons.
Screams carry the leaves in the cold winds
Delayed 911 responses over and over again...

Suicide Sabrinas
Aborted Baby Janes tossed in dumpsters
To only become lost souls

Tears rain down…
Skyscraper weeds conceal this world.
No fairy tales dreamt here.
Only nightmares…

- - -
Miracle Austin works in the hospice world, as a social worker. She enjoys writing diverse free-verse poetry, flash fiction, and short stories. She dreams to complete a novel in her future;she resides in Texas with her family.


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