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Contributor: Lu Lin & Dawid Juraszek

- -
It's just a place
I keep telling myself.
Be here now
have fun
don't panic
do the mindfulness thing.
Air cold on my ankles
water cold on my cheeks.
I thought I was good on my own
didn't need them.
They would be ages away
if it were ages ago.
But it's not my call.
And hours don't translate into kilometres
like they used to.
Not that I remember.
But that old cube on the hill
hidden in my blind spot
To shift my field of vision
would be to move on.
Please don't mind
just don't.

- - -
Lu Lin is Chinese, Dawid Juraszek is Polish. She lives in Norwich in the East of England and he in Guangzhou, southern China. Their work has appeared in various outlets in Poland, China, Japan, USA, and UK.


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