Words of Thirst

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Contributor: Utari V. Caircannon

- -
You're drawn to them
because you want them
because you want to feel them
you want to touch them
taste them
linger on the delicate curves of them

but know them
learn them
see them
as complete people
and all that changes

hot gets obscured by haughtiness
and the breakdowns
and the bad days
and the crying
and the flaws
that make every sexy body
that much less sexy
and you wish it didn't come with that brain
or that mouth
or that ideology
but matched yours exactly
though even that
would test your patience
because none of us are perfect
none of us are perfect
and even those most lusted after
have negative exes
weary of all the trash they've had to live through
for one dance
with the devil
you know nothing about.

- - -


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