Fifteen Haiku

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Contributor: James Pollard

- -
sweaty nightmarket
fried pork bun juice
burning my tongue

billowy steam
rising off my body
into the star filled sky

flames dancing
the old man turns the skewers
two at a time

as the sun sets
leftover snow

the bullet train
doesn't stop to smell
blossoming tangerine trees

a naked woman
soaking in the balcony tub
and morning sunlight

waning moon
hazy in the frosted window
my lover sleeps

summer lake
ripples from a rock
meet clouds

crashing waves
an orange sun
on her face

all alone
the full moon just hangs
all alone

from the jungle floor
a Buddha head

darkening sky
toads in the garden
waking up

in my eyes; the Haghia Sophia
dressed in white

trapped in the window
shadows play across the room
a fleeting moon

fluttering aimlessly
on a sunny afternoon
a purple butterfly

- - -
Originally from Louisiana, James has lived in several Asian countries for over 16 years. He is currently teaching English to 1st graders in Hong Kong. Composing Haiku is his favorite hobby.


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