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Contributor: Glenda Grande

- -
Remember the time you loved me? I loved you.
The touch of your hand caressing my face,
All those sweet moments in between kisses
Are slowly fading into a blur, but not forgotten.

Reminiscent of the days that have passed by,
Again, I am thinking of you and our memories.
I thought I let you go, but your presence lingers;
A silvery shadow dancing at the door of my heart.

The memory of your smile, it’s fading away,
The sound of your laughter, it’s fading away;
The love we we shared, it’s no longer there,
The sound of your whispers, no longer there.

Flashback to the memories, fast-forward to now.
Soon, what I remember of you will be just a blur,
The memory of your lips against mine replaced
With another, overriding the essence of you.

- - -
Emotions written from the heart, this young woman writes a collection of literature by telling the tales of life with artful words. Her aim is to make people remember that being emotion-filled is only human. You can find more of her literary works on her website


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