Complimentary Goodbye

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Contributor: Chelsea L. Gipson

- -
You left me stranded in an emotional distress
when you ran over my heart as you sped off into the distance.
The fog was thick and the air was cold
I couldn’t see you leave but I felt the freeze you left behind.
You abandoned me when you promised you wouldn’t
and I feel the sting of betrayal in every step I take.
You could have made better of this situation
but you chose to run from your fear rather than face it.
Now I’m haunted by your fears as you planted them in my mind
and what do I do?
I only wish you’d had the courage to face your problems
rather than running from these issues and leaving them with me.
I only wish I’d gotten a complimentary goodbye
instead of no word beside the silence of you leaving.

- - -


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