My Imbas Lover- To Haddayr with all my love

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Contributor: Shannon Barber

- -
I see through her pale breasts and strong raging heart.
I love her because her blood is molten and the flames flicker between her teeth.
She- she wants to be a dragon.
A phoenix rising from the ashes of her rage and pain to fly.
I love her because she runs-
flaming and raging. Driven by fear and hate and love.
She runs and dives into the sand trying to snuff the fire.
and I love her desperately.
As she saves herself, she flays herself.
I fear her.
I loathe her.
I want her.
I love her.
she is my mirror.
she is myself.
And oh, how I love us.
I love her.
I love me.
love in flames.
love in ash.
love complete.

- - -
Shannon Barber is an author from Seattle Washington where she lives with her partner and a small collection of oddities. She is an avid writer, reader and blogger. She has recently embarked on being a regular contributor at Luna Luna Magazine.


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