The Living

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Contributor: Gary Thomas Hubbard

- -
When death invades our very soul
The living are left with an awful hole
Moving on is really hard to do
Can't hide the tears that fall anew


Healing is something that takes time
To not move on would be a crime
Hold your head high, firm, and strong
Memories of good times are never wrong


This is how we honor their passing
Showing that our love is everlasting
Take the next step in the healing
You can do it if you are willing


Peace will come and life goes on
Waking up to a brand new dawn
As the sting of loss begins to fade
When you feel the bill is fully paid


Take a deep breath and begin to feel
Friends and family can help you heal
You lifted the pain now start giving
It's not wrong to walk among the living

- - -
Born and raised in Ohio, now living in Florida. Father of two and a PawPaw. Don't get any better then that.


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