Sea of Ice

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Contributor: Nikhil Nath

- -
From ashes, I
have learnt

to scribble
words on

the face of
the moon

burning a
tramcar ticket

that cost me
a tree,

its shadow
gone, I

now hunt
for clouds

in mushrooms,
watching watermelons

sail away
in a sea

of ice.

- - -
Nikhil has been writing poetry for eighteen years. He has been published in various magazines in India, the USA and the UK. Nikhil Nath is his pen name. He lives and works from Kolkata, India. “Write rubbish, but write", said Virginia Woolf. This is Nikhil's maxim for writing.
Allegro, Aji, Ink salt and Tears, Laughing Dog (Poem of the Month), Ehanom, Ithica Lit, Germ Magazine, Leaves of Ink, Linden Avenue, Pif magazine have all recently accepted his work.


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