Summer Rain

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Contributor: Linda Barrett

- -
The sun shines white hot
On the chrome of cars
Scorches human flesh
Until sweat courses down
from our bare pores
Drink water and cold drinks
But the liquid boils within us
And we are still parched for more
The skies are bare but for the sun
Clouds puff up by late afternoon
Resemble Man of War sail boats
Preparing themselves for battle
They gather across the sky
Plump themselves up until deep purple
Perhaps with suppressed rage
Thunder rumbles from within them
Like cannons ready to fire
We mere mortals take cover
As lightening flashes from
Hidden muzzles within clouds
Hurl sticky sweet scented rain drops
In gallons upon our near naked bodies
Heaven’s naval battle ends
Clouds part after a celestial truce
The heat rises from wet earth
In white ghost fashion
Rainbows arch overhead
And cool green relief comes once again.

- - -
Linda Barrett has been writing all her life. Her first written work was a medieval romance handwritten and put in her elementary school's library. She lives with her mother in a small town outside of Philadelphia.


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