These Streets Don't Cry For Us

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Contributor: Adam Levon Brown

- -
Constant discomfort
while changing positions

The cold penetrates all
as you shiver to your very core,
hoping that the sun will rise

Knowing that at any second
someone could scream at you,
telling you to leave or the police
will deal with you

Sleep and food deprivation
makes for a bitter morning
as you wander to the next
spot, hoping it will be
better than the last

The constant threat
of violence is ever on
the mind, as you think
criminal action is the
only way to get through
to the next day

Stared at, mocked,
ridiculed, beaten
You are yesterday's
news and no one is
Pariah of society,
nameless and forgotten

These streets don't cry for us.

- - -
Published Poet & Fiction Author
Student of Life
Cat Lover


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