The Test

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Contributor: Taylor Harrison

- -
Would you come
if you knew
I was alone behind my house
on the cool cement,
breathing dry heaves and gasps
with my knees curled to my chest
trying not to wake anyone?

Would you fix it
when my façade finally cracks
my eyes become inflated and crimson
all because of how mad I was at you.

Would you offer me
your shoulder as my personal pillow
and let me dampen the fabric of your favorite shirt
until dark patches were left like ugly designs?
Swollen, crescent moon indentations
pressed in your arm from my nails
grasping you too tight.

Would you take me
to my favorite spot on the empty pier,
when the horizon is only lit
by orange city lights?
Feel the dewy air against our goose bumped skin
and watch the foam tides
ripple below us as they tease the coastline,
with each wave mending me
until I was whole again.

I don’t think you would.

- - -


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