A Little Like Drowning

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Contributor: Rebecca Weber

- -
Taking a nap at the bottom of a swimming pool.
When I resurface
I will apologize to you with a heavy heart and heavy eyes,
I'm sorry, I was tired.
You must know:
There is a constant aching in my chest,
and I have learned to grow fond of it-
It's the only thing that's never gone away.
I know you've noticed by now that the only time
I feel anything is when I'm an inch from the edge.
It's not what I chose, it's
just what oversleeping and underachieving have made of me .
I'm working on it.

- - -
Rebecca Weber is a poet from Long Branch, NJ and a headliner in the NJ Poetry Scene. Her debut chapbook, Beauty School Dropout, is forthcoming from Indigent Press Fall 2016. She is an expert at hiding from people behind garbage cans.


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