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Contributor: Gianna Annunzio

- -
This place is cool
A late summer evening
Pet white rat perched
“This is the final destination.”
He scans the shelves, books. Punk clubs.
“Anything with the word ‘truth’ in it.”
Garage-rock, elegantly wasted, New York cool.
Self aware, smile.
“A charming, larger-than-life guy.”
Musically dense, politically charged.
Private school background, teenaged rebelliousness
Avoid traps and cliché
“You think it’s like truth serum.”
A grief that echoes, a perfect buzz.
Sweltering heat of the room.
“I’m brave
and crazy,
and I can drink.”
Shut us off
Become famous as the deadpan
A far cry, tough on junk art
“Keeping the peace.”

- - -
Hopeful creative writer, sometimes poet, full time Beatles historian. You've never heard of me.


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