Not a person, Nor a thing

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Contributor: Jed Kim

- -
You come into my life in disguises
to mock and ridicule my emotions
I hate it when you’re with someone else,
jealousy and anger on my mind.
You hit me when I least expect it,
got me falling over looking like a fool
coming in different shapes and sizes.
My heart is fooled and runs for you
while my mind is a bit hesitant
for if I love you, will you love me too?

It’s strange how you are of this world-
almost tangible, but alas,
just a figure in myths, twisting naive hearts.
Our love can create havoc,
bigger than Helen and Paris.
When you choose me over others, I am infallible.
mightier than Hercules, the god’s champion.
Through all that however,
I am always afraid to approach you
for if I love you, will you do the same?

- - -
Jed Kim enjoys spending time with his family and would like to go skydiving without a parachute once in his lifetime. You can find his works on Eskimo Pie.


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