West of Oz

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Contributor: Aaron Alvarado

- -
The murky clouds came rolling in
casting an ominous spell within.
A ferocious wind swept through the forest
causing trees to become withered and broken.

A vociferous mob of flying baboons shrouded the area
scaring away the pigeons with their devilish eyes.
The enchanted woods went silent
and all were lined up waiting for their master.

A whirlwind of green smoke spouted from the ground
as ravens were summoned to spectate the calamity.
A figure with granny smith skin emerged,

- - -
Aaron Alvarado was first published at the age of eleven with his story featuring “Bill Nye the Science Guy” inside a volcano. Along with writing short stories and haiku and concrete poems he takes pleasure in tutoring, playing the piano, volunteering at track and field meets.


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