Five Haikus

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Contributor: Janea Dominique

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New Holiday

We put up the tree
cheer gives way to a silence-
but our star is gone.


A small fluffy brush,
brown colors blend and sparkle-
one finished eye pops.


Unwanted tears fall,
the cold air bites at my cheek-
its warm in her arms.

Camp Counselor

Tomato red skin
kids running through the sprinklers,
nothing beats my job.


Salty, soft and pink,
came so far on your journey-
don’t die young salmon.

- - -
Janea Dominique is an adrenaline junkie who sneaks into abandoned asylums and rides dirt bikes in the desert. She also is a homebody, often curled up on the couch with a cup of tea in her lap and a Disney film playing on the TV.


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