Save Our Planet

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Contributor: Catherine G. Wolf

- -
“Think globally, act locally.” Common expression in the Sixties
President Covfete desires
to murder his grandchildren,
put Mar-a-Lago underwater
with a sweet tsunami sea surge,
both literally and financially.
Why else would President Tweeter
have pulled the United States out
of the Paris climate agreement?
When ocean waves reach the
penthouse at Trump Tower,
rustling gold like a tenement,
we’ll see if the FLOTUS can float.
Or will POTUS rescue her?
Nope, busy groping.

But, hey, we don’t need the
madman-in-chief to save
our grandkids and the planet!
Starting with governors of New York,
California and Washington state,
pledged their states
to follow the Paris accords.
Soon three were a wave of others.
A flood of cities joined.
Good billionaire Bloomberg donated
fifteen million to pay our part.
Hawaii passed the first law to save their fragile islands.
We should do this deal on health care
and a million other issues.
Trumpeter, you’re irrelevant. Go tweet!

- - -
In 1996, when I was stricken with Lou Gehrig’s disease, my ability to speak was taken away by this disease. I found poetry had a special capability to express my innermost feelings. By losing my physical voice, I found my poetic voice.


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