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Contributor: Deborah Guzzi

- -
They sat,
huddled in the shelter of knees,
wrapped in the blackness of night,
warmed by the campfire.
The rise and fall of tale and tune,
bathed the gathering.
Mist rose from the surface of the pond.
Fireflies crowned the heads of lovers.
Some stood like shields behind arched backs.
others cradled their dear ones beneath brawny arms.
Heads lolled as strands of silken hair,
were drawn between fingers
which only hours before held swords and maces.
Upturned faces drenched in the red-gold of the fire,
received calloused caresses.
As, each in his or her own heart visited,
the halls of Beowulf and the sanctity of Camelot.
Like cameos of black onyx, white pearl raised,
the stage was set for love and lovers.

- - -
First published at the age of sixteen, I have continued to write for the past fifty years. I have published works in the literary journals of Western Connecticut University. I have also published two illustrated volumes of poetry, The Healing Heart and Heaven and Hell In A Nutshell. At the present, I write articles for Massage and Aroma Therapy Magazines.


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