I Could Take You to Other Countries

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Contributor: Frank Grigonis

- -
I could take you to other countries,
but they would only be ordinary
places like France, Japan, or Spain,
places filled with typical stops
and sights: Eiffel Tower at dawn,
Cherry Blossoms of Kyoto by
afternoon, and crumbling, Spanish
castles by night.

The people in these places
would be typical too.
Most toss in beds they wish
were bigger and sleep through
lives they can only dream
were better.

The majority of the animals
there, like most sentient beings
everywhere, suffer too,
while the same sagging stars
look down on it all without
twinkling or blinking, until
one by one their lights go dark
before they fall.

But the places you take me
whenever I see you
are far from the ordinary
stops and sights.

In your anime eyes
this bleak world
appears shiny and new,
spilling over with childish
delights, like laughing, blue
unicorns running through
flowering forests where
musical instruments grow
on technicolor trees and
breathe soothing melodies
into the perfumed breeze,
where each moment brims over
with unbridled bliss
like the shimmering summer night
of my first kiss,
where no creature is sad or
suffers at all,
where each star shines forever
and never need

- - -


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