R&S - 09/30/02

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Contributor: Richard Cody

- -
13 years ago, give or take a day or two,
I gazed into the sky of your eyes
And wished aloud as lovers do:

“I want to be yours,
I want you to be mine.”

I can only hope the years between then and now
Have proved these words no idle line.

My blood,
My breath,
My spirit now and after death
Are yours to do with as you will.

Sarah, my heart, I want to be yours
And I want you to be mine still.

- - -
Richard Cody writes what he sees somewhere in Northern California. His poetry and fiction, even a drawing or two, have appeared in many print and virtual publications, most recently Red Fez, Eclectic Flash and a handful of stones. Look for his books, The Jewel in The Moment, Darker Corners, and This is Not My Heart at Lulu and Amazon. And from the author himself if you can find him.


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