The Reasons Why

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The Reasons Why


Richard Cody


Sarah Cody

No. 1

I love you because

when you hold me close

and I, in turn, pull you near

these silly distinctions,

you and I,

fall away

and we know

what we have always known:

there is only One here.

No. 2

I love you because

you cook our meals

as Millay crafted meter and rhyme.

You are a poet of the gas range,

composing sonnets in crushed red pepper,

garlic, butter and thyme.

No. 3

I love you because

your blue eyes shine!

Faerie glow!

Heaven’s stolen fire!

Eternal Light that has inspired

talents far grander than mine.

You ought to have symphonies

spelling out your name,

portraits painted by genius hands

in honor of that flame

which burns forever bright.

You, my Love,

deserve poetry

of the rarest air.

I give you this instead

and in my dreams write with ease

lines worthy of your light.

No. 4

I love you because

loving you

is completely natural for me.

I take air no easier.

And if I have ever

loved you thoughtlessly

it is only because,

like the air we breathe,

the dearest things

are taken too much for granted.

No. 5

I love you because,

as that old man said,

"The sun sure does shine brighter

when you're walkin' by."

How lucky am I

to know that brighter glow

when you stop your walkin’

and take me in

to share your bed.

No. 6

I love you because

our last kiss

was just like the first.

- - -
Richard Cody, a native Californian, has been known to write poetry and fiction. His work has appeared in many print and virtual publications, most recently Eclectic Flash and Weirdyear. He also takes pictures of all that he sees, and much he doesn't. His books can be found at RCodywrites and Amazon!


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