Loves’ Host

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Contributor: Ron Koppelberger

- -

Climaxes in sinless baths of wedded ascent, a tender
Eyed beauty in quiet sighs of satisfaction,
The delicate arousal of songs
And sash, in love and in fashions of
Furtive desire,
A pinnacle in precipice diversions, in divine
Need and want, in the abandon of communion,
In indulgences of soul and spirit, loves’
Host and the blood of blissful
Blooms, in secret

- - -
Dear Reader
I love to write and nothing thrills me more than seeing my work in print. The creative process is a thrill for me as is influencing the reader in a positive way, in a thought provoking way. One of my primary goals involves touching the reader and giving them a gift, the gift of a long forgotten memory or perhaps a special insight that may not have been apparent.


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