To Be Read From The Inside Out

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Contributor: Paula Ray

- -
My heart is an unopened love letter,
yellowing at the bottom of a rusty mailbox.
A slice of light moves through my prison like a sundial.
I dream of warm hands,
a face pushed against my back,
someone breathing me in,
ripping open this envelope I wear like a shroud,
and unfolding me,
spreading me naked,
eyes scanning every inch of me,
devouring what they see,
until liquid happiness falls from their eyes and lands on my name,
causing it to blur and bloom into something beyond language.

- - -
Paula Ray is a musician from North Carolina with a syncopated heart and an addiction to prose poetry. One of her poems has recently been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, which both surprises and delights her. Paula's work has appeared in numerous small press zines, such as: Weirdyear, elimae, Word Riot, Liebamour and Necrotic Tissue. Visit her blog: http// for more information.


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