Childhood Kisses

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Contributor: John Evans

- -
Dutch canals and childhood dreams
Windmills that color the sky and touch the clouds –
Or so it seemed.

Icy ponds that hibernate till spring
Where salamanders feed upon leafy greens.

Bavarian woods and snow of tender ground
Where little boys trod without a sound,

And fence-lines filled with blackberry vines
Which muse the hearts of kindred minds.

A bus ride home from days in class
Fills men’s minds with childlike pasts –

As my aging heart breathes this memory’s bliss
I ponder love from a little girl’s kiss…

As a lonely man’s heart has thus revived
Filled now with splendor –

Wisdom’s fruit has come alive!

- - -
Poetry has been my greatest passion for most of my life. I write specifically of a childhood trauma which prompted myself to begin writing. Writing is creating and my way to be close to God.


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