Frankensteins of Fashion

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Contributor: Teddy Kimathi

- -
We walk across the streets and malls
with tops of 60's,
and pants and dresses of 80's and 70's

Ladies gracefully attend operas
with hairdos of Elizabethan period and 90's,
and 80's heels to garnish it all

Gentlemen race to casinos riding vintage
cars, as they fit well with Al-Capone’s classic
hairstyle, tuxedos for night outs,
and 1800's Cuban cigars held by their mouths

Indeed, it is a clash of fashions, creating a fashion
that cannot be described,
like Frankenstein’s creatures with different animal parts

- - -
The muse of poetry-writing visited Teddy in the mid of 2002, as a high school student. Besides poetry, he loves writing fiction and new stories. He also has a sweet tooth for sky-gazing.


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