Silent Night

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Contributor: Ben Riddle

- -
For Antonio Martin

Somewhere in America
a mother grieves for a son
gunned down in cold blood.
he was just a boy and
they killed him.

She's crying by the television
as old, white men lie about her boy;
she sobs as they demonise him
condemn him
try to justify
his murder.

He has presents wrapped and waiting
underneath her Christmas tree;
he was so excited to see
what she had made him.
He'll never know
what the future
had in store.

After a little while she stops;
and listens to the silence.
It's all she can hear

- - -
A twenty year old aspiring poet and athlete from Perth, Western Australia; Ben Riddle studies Political Science and English and Cultural Studies at the University of Western Australia. You can find more of his work at


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