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Contributor: Mirranda Eid

- -
I should know better than to expect
to see your freckled face so soon again,
but I can’t help wishing for what I want.

I fell for someone who forgets fears
and would rather remain a lost boy, a carefree
soul than to place a claim on anything—
but the boy who owns nothing has everything.

With that mischievous glint in your eyes,
you tell me to lighten up, and that you’ll
be back soon. Soon for you is later for me.

Time means nothing to you, who comes
and goes as he pleases. Still…
my window stays open each night
as I wait to see the boy of my dreams.

- - -
I'm a 21 year old who's majoring in English Education and writes for herself whenever she can. Writing for me, is both a way to test my creative side and a stress relief at times.


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