Mind Chatter

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Contributor: Patrick Thomas

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At last,
The natural vibration that travels through space.
Arrives without a name, providing it all with out a trace.
Trapped, inside a distant dimension, a sliver of the universe.
Time creates patience, along with an inevitable curse.
Truth evolved from the dust of stars, Love, a reason for continuous birth.
Through chemicals arises a new being, a beginning of worth.
Mystery with in our past and future, forever becomes unsolved.
We grow up, get old and tomorrow we evolve.
Only to conquer and kill, our war is forever endless.
Coordinated by the elite, who use the misinformed, even senseless.
Lives that become forever wasted.
Survivors live on, we're thankful, they face it.

A forgotten spirit radiates from our inside.
Pulling like gravity’s reverse, the depths of a celestial tide.
Born with it, struggling just to get by, every day Freedom.
Mass Mentality focused on luxury and survival. Stress turns into paper, just to feed’um.
Every man for himself, walks a land of history.
The birth of war, civil unrest, all controlled sinisterly.
Remember pure nature, a motherly peace,
Even after we color it in, with exhaust and concrete.
One day we’ll forget what once tasted real.
Like the health from a garden provided meal.
Yet some take their own lives, unknown or in fear of never finding bliss.
The rest caught up in the race for material, so hard to resist.
The youth plays like their ready to die, until their screen blinks game over.
Families fight in a fight to stay sober.
The reasons we die, unanswered questions, before and after we cry.

Time goes by fast when we’re together.
Treading the surface through thick and thin,
Embracing through thunderous weather.
But one day we’ll bypass the stages of passion and sorrow.
Never worrying about the infinity that brings tomorrow.
How again did we arrive? A future question that may fail to matter.
The slow died off, so the fit could survive, inside your mind continues the theoretical chatter.
Then why exist if we’re born to divide?
Intolerability emanating from one another.
Like the cut short birth from an unsure mother.
Every day another relationship ends, in the murder of the significant other.
This exists.
Believe that it doesn’t matter?
That our intellect has pushed away the soul’s ladder?

At last.
The future has arrived, it’s here.
We mimic our memory and obscene lives without fear.
We’re stored in systems, of government software.
Lured in by what we named Internet, a being without a face, no hands or hair.
Evolved from numbers, codes processing new life.
We too will evolve again, maybe forgetting what love was like.
We will exist infinitely, but no longer be alive.
We’ll be transferred and saved
Life was and will always be, a hard-drive.

- - -


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