The Frozen Heart

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Contributor: Matthew Jutz

- -
A heart is a strong muscle,
we know it pumps blood through our body
and helps you live, but at the same time

The heart is a very fragile thing,
your heart has strings like a guitar,
these strings are made when you are born,
and break when you have a
tragic accident that impacts your heart,

My heart breaks every time I see you,
as you smile at your boyfriend
my heart breaks a little more,

I can feel my heart aching
deep behind my rib cage
the way it does every time I see you,
My heart beats your name,

Every time I see you with another guy
a little part of my heart turns to ice,
the colder it gets
the more fragile it becomes,

It’s going to become totally frozen,
shatter to pieces and,
there will be nothing left to love.

- - -
Matthew Jutz is a poet/student at Frazee high school in Minnesota. He has three siblings and spends his time hunting and fishing with his brother.


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