The Upside Rainbow

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Contributor: Katherine Fall

- -
so noble,
mystic and royal.

Purple were the violets,
you gave her that day,
her smile, such innocence!
Couldn’t look away.

Purple are your lips,
as you march for death through the snowy fields.
The white faeries dance,
will you ever feel bygone romance?

the order,
the peace and water.

Azure was the lucent sky,
when you walked around,
her eyes wandered; oh, so shy!
Your heart was spellbound.

Azure frozen corpses,
adorn your lonely path of justice.
The frosty blowing wind,
do you realize, how much you’ve sinned?

is jealous,
lucky and gracious.

Mantis were her lovely eyes,
so charming and calm.
The jitterbugs were on rise,
not feeling a qualm.

Mantis uniform,
young being vested in it, so forlorn!
Deafening silence,
will you ever smell her sweet fragrance?

the summer,
friendship and hazard.

Amber was her comely hair,
tied with cute ribbon,
you stroked it with such a care,
it felt like heaven.

Amber is your emblem,
sign of courage, but it feels like venom.
Bitter irony,
will you gaze again upon her beauty?

the challenge,
energy and courage.

Orange was her neat dress,
so gentle and long.
You both could already guess,
this would be lifelong.

Orange is flare,
you hide for dire signals with care.
An unknown danger,
is your fate a thing you can alter?

the passion,
love and aggression.

Crimson were her braw roses,
you bought for wedding.
But luck didn’t last ages,
the war was in spring.

Crimson gushing blood,
as you get unconsciously shot,
but you see a light,
while everything turns
black and white.

- - -
Hi! I'm a young Slovakian artist, who loves to write short poems in English, through which I'd like to share my perspective with others. I want people to find their own meaning in the poems despite their initial ones.


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