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Contributor: d0ll

- -
Broken glass in my fingers
I see the red
But I feel no more
All the damage done by my clumsy hands
Short-sighted mind and a naïve heart
It just stays there
And I watch it from over, under, behind and in front of
The glass

There are so many hands
Trying to reach me
So many fingers that will be cut
So many voices trying to please me
But I can’t hear from behind the glass

A friendly smile
Asks for something more
But I don’t listen
I vanish behind a closed door

There is no room left to hide
That which has been
Drained of life
And is now too ugly and old
Weary of expectations

While you want me fresh and young
My eyes are cold
And my throat is sore
Although I’m strangely paralyzed
I will soon push you away
Until you let go

There is an unknown void
Crawling towards me
Slowly dissolving me
Embracing me
I close my eyes
Because I don’t want to see…

- - -
Student, Djane, alternative model and DIY enthusiast from Slovakia.


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