Beautiful Sadness

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Contributor: Richard J. Lamoureux

- -
Once upon a time
I gazed on the face of a beautiful sadness
She invited me into her temple
Transported me there
By crystal blue tears
Poured from her goblet
Ripping me from the fabric of my time
I walked down her hallways
Stumbled through her darkness
Searched for hidden passages
Grasped at invisible doorknobs
"Please, please,
let me see,
a glimpse of eternity!"

Her clear voice flowed down the hall
Color from shadows transformed the walls
I followed unable to speak
Within her sanctuary
I chose to seek

There in the temple
Of her mind
Upon a broken Altar I dined
Unsure what mystery I would find
I felt my preconceptions
Slowly unwind

The sadness I felt
Had been my own
I had traveled many paths alone
The broken Altar was my heart of stone
Which had led me away from another's throne

I looked out the windows of her soul
Seen my own face drenched in blue tears
It seems her eyes were actually mirrors
In that moment the evaporation of my fears
As I gazed upon the face
Of a beautiful sadness.

- - -
Author and poet, living in Kelowna British Columbia. My book is titled DUMMY, Hurting and Healing words.


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