Cry Night

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Contributor: Brian Baumgarn

- -
Night cries for having lost the moon.
Twilight sobs at the failing of the sky.
Dusk moans at having misplaced the stars.
Heavy tears.
Water tears,
from spawning, pewter gray clouds.
Night lost the moon, sky, and stars.
Abundant tears.
Fertile tears.
The soils swim with her grief.
Plush tears.
Falling tears.
Entreaties to the endless abyss.
Prayers to a God unseen.
Wind driven tears.
Supplication tears.
Bring back the moon, the sky, and stars
that we may cease this crying.
Healing tears.
Absolution tears.
Night sighs. Weighted clouds dissipate.
Wistful prayers are answered.
The night sees her nest in the heavens
unfolding and shining once again.
Her last tears have found
the moon, the stars, and the sky.

- - -
65 year old working with developmentally challenged men. Living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Writing again for nearly two years.


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