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Contributor: Ogunsanya Enitan Olalekan a.k.a. Enistik

- -
Woe! Unto that man who christened us
on the naming ceremony of our nation,
Woe! Into those men who nick-named us giants
in their hypocritical means of calling us insects.

Walk along paths treaded upon by our ancestors
for they imprinted their foot
prints on the sands of time,
after enjoying the sweetened part of our nation's breast milk
for us to feed no more.

Ring the bell for the beginning of the mass
burial of our sorrows,
hit the sticks on the gongs for the assembly of our sadness,
let's meet on the field of change
with regalia's of affliction,
marched with shoes of misfortune;
for this night
we shall put the all of
for a new reign.

- - -
I am a poet, writer and also a psalmist. I write to heal wounded souls, feed hungry minds and quench thirst for change. All I do is create change with my pen.


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