Hopeful Hope

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Contributor: Ogunsanya Enitan Olalekan a.k.a. Enistik

- -
Take a look at our crawling mind
as they walk on their fractured kneel
hands knitted to the earth podium
all on the journey to move on.

Tell it to Papa
to pass the message across
with his dusty rusty gong
round the nooks and crannies of men's heart
the message to stand up to the challenge.

Sound it into the eardrum of mama
to inform her mates-market women
to tie their wrappers round their waist
with loins to fit
for the fire is about to be kindled.

- - -
I am a poet, writer and also a psalmist. I write to heal wounded souls, feed hungry minds and quench thirst for change. All I do is create change with my pen.


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