An Ascetic Pretends…

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Contributor: Pijush Kanti Deb

- -
Maybe, an ascetic is not at all
a member of the gang of bellicose
or is not by any means
happy to be defined as a biped
yet it’s ought not to be censored
if he pretends himself
to be a bovine-
a ferocious dodger
against the shameless stirring of the red eyes
around his peaceful existence,
to be an effective antidote
for assimilating the hemlock
used by the conspirators
against his own-produced nectar,
to be a wise retaliator
for turning the poisonous arrows
thrown to his paradise into boomerang
against their haughty acceleration
and it’s ought not to be misunderstood
if he sleeps sound
hanging some pieces of frightening tits
on the open doors and windows
to be used against the aggressive tats-
revolving around his peaceful domain.

- - -
Pijush Kanti Deb is an Indian Poet with around 270 poems published by around 90 poetry magazines and journals and achiever of a poetry collection published by Hollow publishing.


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