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Contributor: John Tustin

- -
I beg the stars
for one night with you.

I beg the sun
for a single day.

I beg the clouds
to cover for us.

I beg the ground
to bury us side by side.

I beg the wind
to carry us toward the other.

I have spent my life
collecting debris,
ensnared in webs,
vigilantly destroying myself.

I would swim the ocean naked for you.

I would dance through the fire for you.

I would bind you with my misanthropic and perfect love.

I would give up years for you.

I would give up music.

I would give up concentrated thought.

I would give up dreams and concepts
and computation and analyzation.

I would even give up
these words
all the others
not yet
to a page.

- - -


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