Mindless Patter

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Contributor: Ken Allan Dronsfield

- -
Chartreuse mountains of clouded fountains
where the purple ships sail horizon bound.
Fitting seas for the gentle solar breezes;
The loveless found while sleeping sound.

Flow through days in a cold splintered haze;
stealing in the corners of a mindless patter.
Seeking revenge for life's unreasoning ways;
an enchanted breath through pictorial matter

I can't feel the pain through disheartened disdain;
exploring my path while dishonoring all wrath.
I seek a reprieve to a raucous soulless reign;
a lost purple fantasy or wandering psychopath.

- - -
Ken Allan Dronsfield is a Published poet/author/digital artist from Oklahoma. He enjoys writing, walks and his cats, Merlin and Willa.


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