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Contributor: Thomas M. McDade

- -
One doctor assures
the dramatic rise
in my blood
pressure prior
to a Red Cross
donation is due
to white coat syndrome
and not hypertension
as it’s always on
the money
office visits.
Another physician
says don’t worry
about the chest pain.
There’s nothing wrong
or your heart would
be enlarged
but she does not
call on a birthday
balloon or
bowling ball
to dramatize.
Your ticker is the size
of a fist she says and holds
up hers that’s not
even the size
of a flyweight pug.
Peaks, digits and
valleys on the ceiling
mounted monitoring
display go
bonkers as I
imagine childhood
bullies keen to this
comparison waving
threatening hams,

- - -
Thomas M. McDade lives in Fredericksburg, VA
He is a graduate of Fairfield University
He is a U.S. Navy Veteran


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