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Contributor: Ken Allan Dronsfield

- -
I'm in lust with a sky
that I've yet to see;
in love with people
that I've yet to meet.

Whilst lonely lips
await whetted kisses;
cool hands caress
no trembling cheek.

Time spent within
graceless dark dreams;
queen of hearts vivid
in a diamond flush.

Struggle upon a chair
with three wobbly legs
where will the break lead
of a precious love bared.

I know where life goes,
surely not purely sacred;
amnesty found wanton
in pious infected liars.

Wicked colors flickering
grace and piety ascend
fantasy begets harmony
in dark dreams we sigh.

- - -
Ken Allan Dronsfield is a Published Poet from New Hampshire. He enjoys writing from the dark side. His published work can be found at numerous print venues.


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