Withering Memories

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Contributor: Malkeet Kaur

- -
The sequined ivory frame has come undone
And squeaks in squirmish, sweaty fingers;

The serrated shades
Blanched now with tears shed
Every time I visited
The inquisition wall
In the past
And dangled myself
In the pulpit.

I sometimes
Look for you
Within the junctures captured.

I can no longer
Recognise your face;
It is becoming pale
Day by day alongside
The fast vanishing verdict.

I step down and
Walk past.

The lacerations laced in sutures
Are slowly bleeding their last.

- - -
Malkeet Kaur resides in Mumbai in India. She holds a post graduate degree in English literature and Applied Linguistics. Many of her poems are published in various anthologies and online journals.


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