Moments of Mess

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Contributor: Patrick Jordan

- -
I need to
enjoy these moments
of awkwardness.
These moments of
Moments of chaos.

At the end of the day
the crazy is what
sets the tone.
It's what makes
life real.

Bask in it.
I often feel
an uneasiness
about it.
But that's the magic.
That's when you're
teetering on the edge.
Those are the best moments.

Most of the day
is surrounded with normal.
Most of the day
is bathed in average.
Average gets old.

Welcome in the disorder.
Welcome in the anarchy.

Welcome in the unknown.
Flow with it.
Drink it.
Dine it.

Be a part of the feast.
Feed off it.
Feel the awkwardness around you.
It is the realist
moment you will know.

- - -
Patrick Jordan has been writing poetry and prose since he was ten years old. Through poetic expression and creative writing Patrick sets himself at the center of his search for the truth. Patrick created the Facebook group "Notes From The Edge” & “Stay Weird & Keep Writing Pub Co.”


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