Upon the Dawn

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Contributor: James Dennis Casey IV

- -
Ships that come not home
Perhaps you know
In the valley of forgotten dreams
There is a god

The apple tree
God's autograph
Nature his temple

The soul of music

Earth's supplications
Things I need not buy


In a dream
That lied like truth
The elders
Spoke of good omens

Only the wise have real eyes

Prepare your ships
For landfall
Upon the dawn

- - -
James D. Casey IV was born in Colorado, grew up in Louisiana, and currently resides in Mississippi. Mr. Casey has independently published two books so far, 'Metaphorically Esoteric' & 'Dark Days Inside the Light While Drunk on Wine,' that are available on Amazon. He is featured in the poet archives of Artvilla, Poetry Life & Times, and Realistic poetry International just to name a few.


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