Roxie, The Ballerina Cat

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Contributor: Catherine G. Wolf

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Roxie, The Ballerina Cat
Roxie stretches long
on my bed,
paws pointed
in white ballet slippers.
Front legs gently over my own.

Body slim
Eyes large
glowing emeralds.
Jumps on the counter,
perfect arabesque.
Roxie skips
in faster
and faster circles
following a
yellow feather.
Her grace and beauty joys my spirit.
Roxie hunts birds
One moment,
a still statue.
The next,
four paws on the window.
I love Roxie,
the ballerina cat!

- - -
In 1996, when I was stricken with Lou Gehrig’s disease, my ability to speak was taken away by this disease. I found poetry had a special capability to express my innermost feelings. By losing my physical voice, I found my poetic voice.


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