The Wind

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Contributor: Bruce Mundhenke

- -
Where does it come from
And where does it go,
Who has it touched,
Tell if you know.
Will it blow in the night
As it did in the day,
And what has it gathered along the way,
It comes as a roar
And it comes as a sigh,
But it comes to all of us
By and by.
And it can bring pleasures
Or it can bring pain,
It can clear the sky,
Or bring forth the rain.
We know not where it comes from
Or where it will go,
And unless we are touched,
We may never know.

- - -
Bruce Mundhenke is an avid reader and enjoys writing poetry. He lives in Illinois with his wife Mary, their dog Max, and their cat Gracie. He finds in nature both inspiration and revelation.


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