The Ocean’s Pull

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Contributor: Daniel Corda

- -
The ocean spray had engulfed me
Like a silk blue sheet, it washed over me
As I gazed into the serene, starlit, skyline
It had just become night, the sky engulfed in the moon’s light

A reflection of myself in the tumbling water
Shone through, making me realize I wanted to spend it with you
Now dragging my feet in the sand
All I could see was you and I hand in hand.

And so, I made a quick stop, its strong, sweet scent attracting me
And so, I strayed nearby, to the flower shop
And so, with you on my mind the entire time
I left with a handful of blossoms, bright, brilliant, and beautiful.

The bouquet I had bought
With beauty like Aphrodite
Had now shown me
That it was you who had set me free

- - -
Daniel Corda arrives home looking forward to greeting his two dogs after a long day. He looks forward to walking alongside his furry companions.


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